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Bongs, Carb Caps, Glass Bong Kits, Quartz Bangers, Value Pack -

Instead of buying your glass bong, quartz banger, and carb cap separately, why not just buy a glass bong kit? Glass bong KitsĀ are specially prepared sets of our high-quality items for bargain prices, like value packs. You can buy all the products separately on our dedicated bong collection, but the prices in sets are much lower!Ā  Puffing Bird paired up all the accessories for YOU, including a glass bong, a quartz banger, a carb cap as a completeĀ glass bong kit. You can use the kit right out of the box!Ā  Hereā€™s a list ofĀ 16 bongĀ sets that areĀ from $57 toĀ $120 and...

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