Silicone Pipes

Have you ever spend more money on your pipe because of breaking a glass pipe? Silicone pipe is a great substitute for your daily driver. 

On, all of our silicone products are made from food-grade with the highest standards, so you don't need to worry about the quality and the life span.

Comparing to the traditional glass pipes, silicone pipe is not only durable to use but also easier to clean, convenient to carry. A the same time, silicone bongs/dab rigs/pipes/bubblers are catching on as many different styles, shapes, colors, and designs on them in these few years, which means you have more choice for silicone pipes.

We have introduced many different types, colors, and sizes of silicone products on Puffingbird and we will keep updated all the time. We guaranteed to show up a cheaper and a better shopping experience for you.