Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit | Enail Bundles For Sale | Free Shipping
Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit | Enail Bundles For Sale | Free Shipping
Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit | Enail Bundles For Sale | Free Shipping
Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit | Enail Bundles For Sale | Free Shipping
Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit | Enail Bundles For Sale | Free Shipping
Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit
Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit
Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit

Wooden Pattern Enail Dab Kit

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Wooden Pattern Water Transfer Coating Enail Dab Kit For Sale

Looking to buy a uniquely designed desktop enail kit? 

This enail dab kit works like the other ones listed on Puffing Bird, you can choose various types of quartz banger or titanium dab nails to go with the kit.

Quartz Banger Bundle: 

  • 1x 14/18mm Male Quartz Banger For Enail ( For 20mm Heating Coil )
  • 1x 14/18mm Male/Female Converter
  • 1x Quartz Carp Cap With Dabber 

Titanium Dab Nail Bundle: 

  • 1x Universal (10/14/18mm) Titanium Dab Nail ( Male/Female Convertable )
  • 1x Titanium Cap With Removable Dabber

Hybrid Titanium Dab Nail Bundle: 

  • 1x Universal (10/14/18mm) Titanium Dab Nail With Replaceable Quartz Dish ( Male/Female Convertable )
  • 1x Titanium Carb Cap With Removable Dabber

Standard Enail Kit Includes:

1 X E-nail Controller Box
• 1 X 20MM Heating Coil
• 1 X Power Cord 
• 1 X User Manual
• 2 X Silicone Containers 5 ml Capacity
• 1 X Soft Zipper Packing Box 
• 2 X Puffing Bird Stickers 
• 1 X 12 Months Warranty Card

Product Specification: 

  • Voltage: AC110V-240V 50-60HZ 
  • Temperature Range: Room Temperature ~ 999 Degree Fahrenheit 
  • Temperature stability: Around 5°F-7°F(depends on environment) 
  • Titanium Nail Joint: 10/14/18 MM Male/Female Joint
  • Coil Shaped: Barrel (Spiral) 
  • Length of Coil: 1.5 Meter (5ft) 
  • PID Dimension/unit: 3.5 x 1.5 x 5.0 inch (93 x 37 x 129 mm) approximately Size
  • Category: Enail Dab Kits

• Note: Puffing Bird is the only authorized seller for Puffing Bird™ products, please refer to user manual before using the eNail kit.

Warranty Information:

As for all the Puffing Bird Products, we provide 12-month warranty and hassle-free returns for quality issues. 

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Benefits of Using An Enail Dab Kit

Since the beginning, dabbers had been searching for a safer way to dab.

The whole dabbing process contains 3 steps:

1. Heat the quartz banger/titanium nail to a certain level of temperature.

2. Place your cannabis concentrate of choice onto the banger/nail.

3. Inhale

However, more than 80% of the dabbers have to use a butane torch to heat the bangers, that could be extremely dangerous, the tip of the butane torch flame can reach approximately 1,430 °C (2,610 °F). Now imagine operating a device that generates so much heat when you are high, that can be really bad news for you. Not to mention when you are using a butane torch to heat the nails you can never tell when the nail is ready, especially when dealing with nails that made from different materials. If the temperature of your banger is too low it won't be hot enough to vaporize your concentrates, if the nail gets too hot, it will ruin your concentrate's flavor and possibly generating harmful substances during that process.

That's when the enail dab kits come in handy!

The desktop enail dab kits(or the portable enails) will make your life much easier becasue it doesn't require any fuel burning to get the nail hot, it uses a heating coil connected to the PID controller which you can set the temperature from 300~1000 degrees Fahrenheit just by a push of a button. 510 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for low temp dabs and 710 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for high temp dabs.

How Do I know When To Dab?

The heating coil of the enail kit contains a thermocouple sensor, you can see the temperature index on your PID controller to know exactly what's the temperature of your nail/ bangers at. 

Quartz enail banger takes longer to heat than a titanium enail banger, titanium enail banger will heat faster due to its titanium material characteristics. But the quartz enail sets provides a smoother taste than the titanium enail set.

Portable enails (Or hnail/h enail)are also very popular now. Portable enails looks like your everyday vape pen except that it has a mini dab rig that contains water for a smoother dabbing experience. The Puffing Bird Portable Enail (for sale at the moment)Set contains two pairs of nails, a titanium one, and a ceramic one, you can choose any one of them to enjoy your concentrates.

There are a lot of cheap enails out there charging next to nothing for them, but be very careful because many of them will not use high-quality parts to make, they will even use low quality titanium even stainless steel to pass as grade 2 titanium. The enail coils will also be pretty crappy and won't last long until the PID controller shows "EEEE" on the screen. That means the thermocouple sensor in the enail coil has defected and you will need to spend $50 even $100 to buy a replacement coil for your enail set.

Here at Puffing Bird we have the best enail kits, period! You'll find enail dab kits selling in your local headshop that costs possibly $300 or $500, you can get the exact same set for under $150 on Puffing Bird. Not to mention we have a 3 years hassle free return/repair policy covering all our enail sets.

We work with professionals to make sure that our enail dab kit are safe to use and affordable. No need to take the risk of burning your house down with your diy enail! 

Here at Puffing Bird we also have many different enail sets for different occasions. Like the pelican enail and the nectar collector enail. We also sell our enail dab kit with dab rigs in a bundle, you can't find any deal better than what you'll get on Puffing Bird. 

We constantly do reviews of our enail dab kits, check out Puffing Bird's Youtube channel and you'll get a 10% off coupon if you subscribe our channel!

The enail dab kits normally come in 3 parts. The PID controller, the heating coil(often comes in 20mm or 16mm) and the titanium nail or the quartz banger.

If you like going out to the open and enjoy a nice dab, a dab pen/wax pen will be the best for you, dab pens or wax pens can vaporize your wax/shatter/oil in its 510 atomizers offering the best flavor on the go! 

Some of us like a more old-school way of smoking, which is vaping weed, it's quite simple, grind your weed/herb and put it in the heating chamber of the dry herb vaporizer pen and at the push of a button, you got smoke!

For Puffing Bird, our enail&vaporizer series are the crown jewels of our product line, they are well designed, well-priced, and with the one and only FREE 3-year hassle-free warranty, there is simply no one else up to this standard and commitment on the market.